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Subtokyo is a Culture blog bringing to you pieces of awesome subculture straight from Tokyo, Japan. Focus is on cool things in Japan, Anime/Manga, Tech, Events, Food, and etc. Three videos each week, Subscribe now to get new vids right to you!

Kxela (Alex Kobayashi)

I am an illustrator and animation artist, I studied Media arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My Handle name as an artist is Kxela. I run couple of webcomics- Lost Invisible, Nightmare's Cure, Pissed Off Chibi Black Rock Shooter. I do quite a bit of original and fanart illustrations. I also make animations from time to time and have produced a short Visual novel. 

I am also a doujinshi artist, I've worked under the Circle name KXELA. I've participated at Comic Market as a circle three times so far, Once in Comiket 77, Comiket 79, Comiket 80. First two times I worked in the Touhou Project Genre, Third time in Original Art. Aiming for Touhou again if I make it in this Winter.

After getting out of college I came to Japan to live the experience and hoping to pursue my arts. Ended up almost being lured into school again, and instead worked as an English ALT for about an year. I wasn't going anywhere with that job, after the Touhoku Earthquake last March- I quit. 

During the year that I've been here I've explored Tokyo quite a bit, met many people who are interested in the same things I am, and experienced what it's like to be surrounded by Japanese culture.

The idea of Subtokyo came to life soon as I realized how much I liked discovering new things in Japan and making videos of it. I was already making videos about cool things in Japan and wanted to organize it somehow. And at the end of March 2011- I put together the youtube channel vlog- Subtokyo.

Subtokyo is great for me, it covers all my interests from art, manga, anime, videogames, technology, douijn, cosplay, figures, toys, food, culture, subculture, wacky things, etc etc.
I know that plenty of people have the same interests in these things and hopefully you guys can watch and enjoy the stuff I am able to present :)

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